I’m Himanshu Chopra



                        A Banker, Investment Advisor, Activist and Consultant


It is an observation that we are so busy and intent on learning and bettering ourselves that we focus on hard facts and concepts more than the ability to form opinion and a voice. A social structure that we’ve grown up in, for instance, teaches us to respond to a certain thing in a way that would defy rational thought, but years of familiarity causes us to react differently. It is not just applicable to social situations, but also to disciplines like finance, economics or public policy. My motto uses the word ‘unlearn’ to instil the habit of consciously and constantly educating oneself about the importance of harbouring new thought in any body of knowledge. Unlearning conventional thought and making way for new thought is the essence of evolution. Learning new and more efficient ways to navigate the world, learning to build institutions that fit in more with the new-found methods and sustaining them is one of the philosophies I live by.





As any other middle-class boy growing up in Punjab, I was instilled with the Indian values of discipline, hard work, compassion, respect, humility and a subtle love for meritocracy. I pursued Computer Science engineering from Panjab University, but I found myself gravitating towards the world of economics and finance more than writing code. I declined my lucrative offer from Infosys and appeared for one of the toughest probationary officer exams of India and cleared it in my first attempt. Knowing that it was the best organisation to experience finance and customer- relationship management, I delved into it headlong and have not looked back since, accumulating several certifications and diplomas along the way.

Along with nurturing my financial prowess, I like to engage myself in complementary activities that allow me to explore other parts of my personality. I love to read and write, I have an affinity towards learning the violin since the arts fascinate me so much. I look at the world with an analytical mind most of the time so giving back to the society with nothing but kindness in my heart. It is very instrumental to maintain a level head. I would also love to open my own food chain someday.

I feel fortunate to have been blessed with the kind of opportunities that were presented to me along the way. Through this venture I hope to add another dimension in my life and it would give me great pleasure if I am able to help even one person through this.

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